Själastugan's Differing Moods


Retreat and Spiritual Centre
giving you space to find yourself

Själastugan – “...meaning soul-shelter. A small cabin where refuge is sought from the harsh environment of the mountains, a sanctuary to re-group and give strength before stepping off once more into the world outside. A place to be fully rested, inside and out.”

Could this rural retreat call you like it called us?

A restful, spiritual adventure twinkles its light from the edge of the first wilderness of Europe, speaking to your soul, offering simple modern comfort, rest and relaxation in a rustic setting. Maybe it’s time for the most important thing in your life – You.

A place to nurture  and discover yourself
A place where you can create a new vision
A place to unwind and re-charge
A place from which you can achieve a life of balance and harmony
Awaken your spiritual adventure at Själastugan

Hogdalsvägen 15
+46 (0)730517313

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